Tuition Business, And Education Policies

Rita is actually applied when the subject itself is not understood, the words, phrases, and concepts hidden in the text are not understood, and then the student has to go through the torment of Rita to make them intoxicated. Remember, through RTA, something is only temporarily concentrated. After a few hours, the thing memorized begins to fade from the person’s memory. Ratta creates boredom in education in the student.

How Education Affected By Public Policy

The human nerves become tense while rattling and the rattlesnake has to go through this condition again and again. This is because the rattlesnake has to deal with this nerve-wracking phase over and over again to keep the mind occupied for a long time. Constant mental stress makes the sufferer physically and mentally weak. Irritability develops in the mood, which has a very negative effect on his personality, the way diseases can be identified by their symptoms. Similarly, there are various symptoms, causes, and triggers of rheumatic disease, from which we can see an accurate map of the condition of our society, educational institution, and home. In our environment, there are many clear and obvious examples of rot.

For Example

Academies and tuition centers that grow like mushrooms in the streets offer mouth-watering pictures of scattering and misunderstanding of subjects. It is noteworthy that this is not a fashion but a necessity, which is strongly felt despite the teaching of the teacher in the educational institution. The fact is that even tuition does not meet this requirement. Just think, why isn’t this epidemic in the United States, Britain, China, Japan, and other developed countries? If speaking with a superficial mind, the teacher’s personality immediately becomes the target of criticism. Many people immediately blame the teacher and deviate from the real truth. Most people who do this have a superficial and popular mindset. In order to get to the bottom of any disease, it is necessary to accurately analyze its causes and factors. Let’s find out the roots of this disease. The analysis begins with a question, in which subjects are rattan applied more? The answer is as clear as daylight. In our education system, subject discussion and subjects taught in English are specially included. Review the examination results of students from first grade to MAMSC.

Why Are We The Victims Of This Deadly And Destructive Disease?

The highest number of failures at each level is in English. In comparison, students in Urdu pass up to 98%. Students studying tuition in Urdu will meet you sparingly. It is also interesting to note that even in subjects such as Arabic and Persian, students succeed in the same proportion, and pass with large marks. The answer to this question is very easy to find here, whether tuition has to be read or memorized because our source of education is in English instead of our own national language. The subject of Urdu is understood in the classroom, the subject of Islamic studies is understood by the students automatically and the subjects taught in Urdu are also understood in the classroom and there is no need for memorization and tuition. Lives.

What Are The Real Causes And Factors That Are Causing The Whole Nation To Grind In The Nerve-Wracking Mill.

This means that teachers both teach with the medium of instruction. But English-medium subjects create comprehension problems. Although they seem to work harder in them. Take a closer look at the seriousness of the problem by focusing on the brain. If Urdu, Arabic, or a foreign language were made compulsory in the United States from the first grade, then the tuition business, rhetoric, and other diseases would be created there like ours. But the first thing he did was to formulate the curriculum of all subjects at all levels in his own language and implement them in all his educational institutions. At present, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, France, Russia, and other developed countries of the world have the same education system in every educational institution without any class distinction.

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