Negative Effects On The Economy From The Foreign Bad Business Policy

Small and medium toy manufacturers have complained that the toy market is booming. Himachal Pradesh apple growers are unable to overcome the obstacles in selling apples as they do not get a fair price. Cancer patients’ organizations have warned of a possible increase in the cost of life-saving drugs for cancer, especially leukemia. The three stories seem to be from different walks of life, but they have one thing in common, which can be interpreted as a foreigner’s wrong decision.

How Does a Bad Economy Affect Business?

During the boom in the toy market, local products have disappeared from the market, while toys imported from China have taken over. This is because the rules of trade have been formulated since the formation of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Under them, import duties had to be significantly reduced, while from a cultural point of view, it is very important for children’s toys to be associated with the local region, but the rules of foreign trade are such that they reflect social and cultural values. There is no place. That is why China has taken over the toy market in a short span of time. Perhaps that is why Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao recently said that the global economic crisis has affected the Chinese economy. However, taken to ensure long-term economic growth. Thanks to the measures, China became the first country to emerge from this crisis.

How Does Government Policy Affect Business

Addressing a press conference after the annual meeting of the National People’s Congress, he said the government had increased investment to deal with the effects of the crisis, cut tax rates, improve the social security system and improve the commercial sector. Structural reforms were made while these rehabilitation measures were taken to address short-term issues as well as to ensure long-term development. He said the economic crisis had affected Chinese industries, reduced global demand, reduced GDP, shut down many businesses, and forced workers from various countries to return home. In a keynote address on the global economy at the New York Economic Club, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that

International Business Polices

China was playing with the world trade system and using it to its advantage. In her speech and question and answer session, Hillary Clinton sharply criticized China’s trade policy. “By artificially devaluing its currency, China has severely damaged the United States and other world economies and made our exports more expensive,” he said. In a keynote speech at the Economic Club in New York, Hillary Clinton told business leaders that the United States faces a world where power is determined by the economy, not military power. We must also adapt our approach to Asia.

Meanwhile, Patrick Schwank, a professor of economics at Tsinghua University in Beijing, told the media that in light of China’s growing economic status and its ambitions in the Pacific, Hillary Clinton’s proposed remarks reflect the US focus on Asia.

Business of Apple Company

Similar apple production is also subject to WTO regulations under which the import ban has been lifted. But also the limit of the export fee has been fixed. In this regard, it should be mentioned that there were reports of Australia appealing against the WTO’s decision to ban the import of apples from New Zealand. A WTO spokesman said New Zealand’s decision to ban apple imports by Australia was a violation of international trade law, which was also upheld by WTO experts, but Australia Now asked to consider appealing against the WTO decision. The concern of cancer patients and their affiliates are in a way the result of poor WTO policy. This is because a multinational company is seeking patent rights to a drug necessary for a specific type of leukemia and is being approached by the WTO and the relevant trace agreement, the Patent Rights Agreement.

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