Misleading Education Systems and Business Education Institutions

The number of schools in Maharashtra has increased significantly in the two decades from 1906 to 1914, keeping in view the aims and objectives of education. The EBC facility was started under the leadership of Yashwant Rao Chauhan and Bala Sahib Desai, which opened the door of education for many children of the poor classes. The monopoly of the rich over education came to an end, and the children of the poor and backward classes began to appear in education like a flood. The needs of the schools started increasing and that is why at that time, those who demanded the schools were given permission to the schools with grants.

What Counts As an Educational Institution

There are about 5,000 educational institutions in Maharashtra and more than 500,000 teachers and other employees are working in more than 3,000 secondary schools run by these institutions. There are two types of teachers and employees who are employed by paying a bribe and those who are employed by not paying a bribe. But such teachers show a change in their attitude towards students, their teaching style and their way of thinking, and if they are compared to the old teachers (old means teachers who got jobs without paying bribes). So, there will be a big difference between the two.

What are Philosophical Issues in Education Business?

From 1960 to 1990, those who took up the teaching profession made it their goal to popularize education and to revolutionize society through education. Donation and Relation and Selection from them do not yield the expected results. Getting a job in a school or college is a good pay scale. Therefore, there is a lot of crowd in the education sector as compared to the commercial sector, to get a D.Ed., B.Ed. degree by paying money, to get a job by paying money and to keep the job, anytime and anywhere. The reason is, giving money to the administrators of the institution, such a strange situation of new teachers.

How Education Has Become a Business

Similarly, two more rupees were looted from parents in the name of admission. This racket was deceived by talking about getting admission in MBBS in Pune May Bharati College. Similarly, in the name of admission to swimming college in Nerol, many people were fined crores of rupees. Parents of students for admission in medical and engineering are given such a trap through SMS or identification on mobile, and by gaining their trust, a large amount of money is received in the name of donations for admission. All these transactions are behind the scenes, so there is no written evidence of this connection. Then the admission takers give their money to Black Money, which makes the chances of complaining very low.

An admission racket has been uncovered in a famous medical college which did not even get admission despite extorting lakhs of rupees from the parents. The staff of this college collected up to Rs 2 lakh in the name of admission.

Problems in Educational Business

Children should be educated and become responsible citizens, so many people have lost their lives in fraud in the name of accumulated capital admission. If the proportion of this crime is less than other crimes, but this relationship, the amount of money laundered through fraud is in the tens of millions. The gangs that are active in such cases have links with the administration of educational institutions, which causes a lot of problems for the police.

In these changing circumstances, schools and colleges have become a center of struggle and exploitation. Education has now become a lucrative business like any other. Education has now become a cause of concern instead of remembrance. If those in power, thinkers, thinkers, and social workers show inattention towards this, then surely the situation will get worse and history will never forgive them. Even NGOs need to speak out against it.

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