Marriage, Profitable Business Of 2020

It was around the 18th or 19th century when marriage was considered an invaluable and sacred bond, but now that the 21st century is a new era, a new era. Every relationship is changing, so why stay behind. Today, marriage has become a complete business. In other words, getting married and getting married has become a very lucrative business, which is strengthening its roots in society with each passing day. Marriage is becoming a problem not only for girls but also for boys. Now not only girls’ mothers are worried about relationships, but also boys seem to be sifting through the dust of proper relationships. Somewhere I could not get the desired dowry, somewhere the appropriate combination. Even boys and girls are strangling their self-esteem and seeing the value of their existence. Sorry, but this seems to be more of a bargain than a marriage. The bargaining market is busy.

Is the Wedding Business Profitable?

Everyone is ready to sell, just ask for a price. Somewhere we are responsible for all this. We are the ones who do this marketing. An atmosphere has been created around it that if God did not marry unintentionally, then a great crime would have been committed. If there is no problem even after marriage, then separate allergy. People do not live from China, nor do they let live. However, from a religious point of view, marriage should be hastened, so that your faith may be complete and you may be saved from great sin. But wait please think….. Is it up to a person to get married or be…??? If so, why is this consultation criticizing the marriage of “Nimrah and Asad”…??? This is a good thing, but unfortunately, our society allows adultery, but not a marriage of choice.

“When Are You Marrying Your Son/Daughter?

You’re not married yet … ???” “White hair has come out, now get married”, “Boys/girls your age have two children” and “Neighbors’ children are coming of age” are some of the bitter questions and phrases that are bitter. It is becoming unbearable. This is the reason for suicide deaths. Not only that but by putting pressure on parents, they are being pushed into unreasonable mental anguish and depression. Marriage has been made an unresolved issue instead of happiness. Regardless of the fact that marriage is just a game of luck and the time of destiny is fixed. Nature has a set time for everything.

How Is It Possible For A Marriage To Take Place Before The Appointed Time?

Parents are naturally anxious for their children, and they are justified in being somewhat anxious. Every mother wants to see her children become her home in her own life. See him live happily ever after, and above all, to protect the future. So that their descendants do not go astray after them. It is another matter that the destiny of man must be met in every situation, even if it is a stumbling block of time. It has nothing to do with getting married or not, nor is marriage a guarantee that no worries will come to life after that. However, there is the only effort at the disposal of man. Marrying children is a big duty of parents, and there is little they can do for it.

Traditional Way of Marriage in our Society

The traditional way of marriage in society was to have a regular and formal relationship and get married. But it’s almost over, and the method is gaining momentum. Society is not ready to accept it completely and that is the marriage of choice. There is also a third way of marriage between the two, which is probably the most painful.

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