Investment in Business in Foreign Countries

According to the current government dignitaries, Asia is now on the path of rapid development. Foreign investment is on the rise, and many foreign investors are looking at Asia with great interest. Had it not been for the sit-ins, they would have stepped into the paradise valley of this capital. Near my house is a huge industrial area of ​​Asia called Sundar Industrial Estate. This industrial area covers an area of ​​seventeen hundred (7) acres, of which there are seven hundred and two (2) industrial plots on (seven) acres. Most of the plots cover an area of ​​four Kanals to five acres while the area of ​​5 plots is more than 3 acres. The rest of the area has roads, commercial spaces, and other necessary buildings.

Why Would a Company choose to Invest in a Foreign Country?

The industrial estate was inaugurated with much fanfare in 1979, but seven years later, factories are still operating on about six plots. Some are being built and many plots are still vacant today. The government had promised many facilities and all these facilities were to be provided under the One Window Scheme. But the situation is not very good. Access to electricity and gas may be easier than in many other places, but even if a gas connection is found, gas is not available. If the electricity meter is found, the electricity is not fully received due to load shedding.

Workers Are Spoiled In Foreign Countries

Many industries run 24 hours a day, there is a loss of millions due to the non-availability of electricity for some time, such as the iron industry, glass industry. These industries breathe a little with manipulation. But the overall situation is dire. Our workers are spoiled too. Not ready to work. Public holidays are not short. But if they don’t take one or two more holidays, then they don’t have paperwork. Extreme levels of theft and mismanagement are a major concern for investors. Even the owners of the factories that are operating in these unfavorable conditions are not happy with the situation, which makes them look upset. How new will come, who is such a fool, who would be foolish to invest in the industry in the current situation and foreign investors? It is not possible for this to happen, but the government keeps saying something to please the people or to promote the so-called performance.

Evaluating Country Risk for International Investing

A few years ago I agreed to go to the Chinese city of Zhuhai. The city is located in the Dwangong province, adjacent to Macau near Hong Kong. On one side of the city is the sea and on the other side are small mountains. Across the mountains is the area of ​​Zhongshan, one of which is the town of Tanzhou. China has built three industrial parks in Tin Zhou. The town is famous for its export factories. Despite having many factories, it is one of the cleanest towns in China. By the time I got there, foreign companies had set up their factories there, and there was a huge investment.

These companies belong to Japan, the USA, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Macao, and many other countries besides Taiwan. The industrial park has excellent transportation arrangements for people to come and go. There is a network of roads. Especially the rail passes through the industrial park. The town planning work of the industrial park has been done very beautifully. Access to electricity and gas is extremely easy. Not even the concept of load shedding. Two hundred and forty thousand cubic meters of water are supplied to the industrial park daily by importing special equipment from France for the supply of clean water. Three grid stations have been set up for power requirements, each with a capacity of 110,000 volts. The fourth grid station was under construction at 220,000 volts.

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