Raise Birds in Low-Investment Business Homes.

My practical experience of the last four to five years in the business of bird farming and egg hatching shows that there is currently no organized farming of birds other than broiler, layer and breeder farming in Pakistan. While looking at the international market, there are many other options. Being primarily an agricultural country, bird farming has a natural affinity with our region. The process of egg hatching itself is such that it does not consume much energy, so even in load shedding conditions, this work can be continued relatively easily. While the opening of a land route with China in the form of a C-pack is likely to have a negative impact on many of Pakistan’s industrial sectors, the bird farming, and egg hatching business is expected to grow exponentially.

Investing In This Business Is Like Securing Your Future.

It is clear that the same business will probably remain and grow, which will be connected to their land. There are a few things you need to do before starting a bird farming business.

  • Which bird do you want to farm?
  • What is your purpose in farming, production, and supply?
  • Meat, eggs, chickens, or ornamental birds?
  • Why don’t your gravel eggs hatch?

The main purpose of the hatchery is to run a chicken supply business, which is the root cause for all other purposes and is usually more profitable than all other purposes. Captive gravel usually survives 3 to 10 years. Some live 15 to 20 years, but the longest lifespan of a pet gravel parrot is 26 years.

Feed of Birds

Heart disease is as common in birds as it is in humans, especially in parrots. Therefore, if parrots are to be kept healthy, they should be fed not only millet and kangani, but also other fruits, grains, and vegetables. Also, their cage should be wide enough for them to fly easily. So that fat does not come on them. Remember that millets and cornmeal contain large amounts of fat, which can lead to obesity in small cages. Such birds either stop breeding and even if they do, sometimes their eggs are spoiled, and sometimes the eggs hatch and they become useless.

Where To Keep Birds

My personal experience is that the gravel parrots kept in the colony are happier and breed better. Scientific research has shown that fat reduces the life of pet gravel by 70%, and it has been observed that these birds become obese due to imprisonment in small cages. So for good breeding, give the birds a balanced supply of minerals, vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Are All Bird Eggs Fertilized

There are some birds that lay more eggs but one or two of those eggs hatch or never hatch in any of the eggs. Fertility depends on both sexes but is more dependent on male birds and the amount of eggs depends entirely on female birds. There can be many reasons for this fertility. Fertility in birds is more or less inherited. If fertility does not improve despite good nutrition, it may be the result of breeding. These breeding means pairing a pair of babies up, then pairing their babies, meaning continuing the same bloodline, which weakens their bloodline.

How Long After Fertilization do Birds Lay Eggs

Keep the female chicks from the offspring of such females, such as the male who lays more eggs, keep the male chucks and pair them together. The best way to mate is to let the birds do natural mat selection. Keep the birds in large cages so they can choose their mates at will. Give birds time to fully mature sexually. Taking bread at an early age causes a lot of problems. For example, eggs are infertile, eggs are not learned, eggs are thrown from the pot, eggs are eaten, eggs are put in cage floor or grain pots, eggs of females are laid, etc. I am fertile, many eggs in one Chris become fertile. No egg is fertile despite repeated crossings.

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