Plant An Olive Grove And Make The Best Profit

Olive (OLIVE) Cultivation:

Plant an olive grove, reap the full benefits for a thousand years.

Experts say that if the best business is to plant an olive grove and make a profit. Once you plant an olive grove in Pakistan, it will bear fruit for at least a thousand years.

In which districts can olives be planted?

Olive orchards can be successfully planted in all parts of Pakistan, including Punjab. Even in Cholistan olives can be grown.

But for now, the Punjab government’s focus on olive cultivation is on the Potohar area.

What kind of soil can be planted with olives?

The olive plant can be successfully planted in all types of soils like sandy, uncultivated, dry, rocky, desert soils. Only colored soils or lands where standing water is not suitable for olives.

How much water does an olive need?

Olive plants should be watered at intervals of about ten days in the beginning. As the plant grows. By the way, its water requirement also decreases. After two years, the olive plant should be watered at intervals of 20 to 25 days.

When can olive trees be planted?

Olive trees can be planted in spring i.e. February, March, April, or monsoon season i.e. August, September, and October.

What is the method of planting olives?

When planting an olive grove, the distance between the plants should be 10 × 10 feet. Thus about 400 plants can be planted in one acre. Also, keep in mind that olive trees should be about 8 to 10 feet from the outside of the garden.

Dig a pit two feet deep and two feet wide for planting. Then fill the pits with fertile soil and that. Now your land is ready to plant olives. Carefully remove the plant from the shopper, so that the roots do not break and wind up. Dig the soil of the pit and plant the plant and then press the soil around the plant with the help of feet, so that the plant becomes stable. The trunk of a small plant is slightly fragile, so it is better to support the plant with a plastic pipe. Do not use wood for support. This is because the wood can be infested with termites which can later attack the plant.

What types of olives can be grown where?

The following varieties can be cultivated for Pothohar and its adjoining districts.

  • Lesino
  • Gamelick
  • Pendulino
  • Nabali
  • Arbo Sana
  • Coronic
  • Arbequina

The following varieties should be cultivated for other hot areas including hot areas.

  • Arbo Sana
  • Chronic
  • Arbequina

Remember to plant at least two or more varieties when planting an olive grove. Thus better fertility results in better yields.

After how many years does the olive plant bear fruit?

The olive tree usually begins to bear fruit in 3 years. The fruit on the olive plant becomes first green and then purple. Green fruit is used to extract pickles and purple oil.

What is the yield per acre from the olive grove?

The yield from an olive plant depends on how you care for the plant. With good care, 60 kg or more of olive fruit can be easily obtained from one plant.

What Is The Income Per Acre?

So at the big supermarkets in the market, you can get olive oil from Rs 800 to Rs 1100 per kg depending on the quality. But it is clear that all this oil is imported from abroad, the quality of which experts have serious concerns. Experts say that imported oil of various brands is being sold in the Pakistani market. It is not pure olive oil but contains a mixture of many other oils.

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