Here Are Some Key Pointers in Moving Your Business Forward

Do business, use your skills

There are two different types of business

  • Direct business
  • Indirect business

Indirect business such as factory, school, shop, store, etc. The production is your own, and the raw materials you take from elsewhere. Indirect business such as dealership, salesman, seller, etc.

The former is a bit difficult, it requires a huge investment, today’s factories run on bank loans because the owners are financially stable, so they also get loans, which the common man Not just a disease, so get this idea out of your heart. However, indirect business is a bit easier, work in whatever sector you are interested in, look for wholesale dealers in that sector, and start working with a small amount of money.

Physical Inclination:

First of all, make up your mind about what your physical tendency is towards.

If you have at least four or five cases in front of you, then choose one or two of these areas, keeping in mind the circumstances, the capital, the opportunity, the experience, or the expectation of benefit from experienced people, and the goals.


Now you have to think about how much capital you have to invest in this sector? And if there is no capital, where will it come from? If you are thinking of borrowing money, remember that no business will lend you anything without self-interest, and if you think you can sell something, that’s right. Going in the direction but remember it is better to do light labor instead of selling personal inherited land/property, it also has many areas in which you can offer your services.

Pray For Success:

Considering the first and secondary status in the selected fields, ask which work is best for you?

Location Selection:

Opportunity and space are very important for any business, what is the function of a shoe store in a vegetable market? Jewelers do not work in the timber market and you cannot open a sanitary shop in the grain market, so take a good look at what your real market is. Which and what class of people do you consider your potential customer? Consider five similar places.

Expert Opinion:

Have experts and experienced people in the relevant field who are sincere with you visit the relevant places, get their reports on whether the work you are going to do can be done here or not, then choose the place. I would be at ease.

The importance of experience in business

  • A business question is often asked
  • I have so much money, what can I do?
  • This question is childish!
  • The first condition for doing business is experience.
  • Then capacity,
  • Then the relationship,
  • Then to be hardworking and good intentions,

Now Comes The Number Of Investments.

If any work is done without experience, then there is a ninety percent chance that there will be loss and as a result, you will have to quit the job and experience does not come from reading books. Rather, it comes down to the practice field, things that are taught in a large college for business at a hefty fee. The easiest way is to first choose your job according to your ability and then get a job with a big shopkeeper. Why not do it without pay, why spend millions to gain experience, then no loss, secondly start this work on a small scale, and first do not expect any profit for some time, if loss Even if it happens, don’t be discouraged but keep working consistently.

Having a relationship is very important for business, relationships are something that can be done without money.

For example, I have also done scrap work in Misri Shah for some time, picked up pure copper scrap, and supplied it to the factory, in fact, scrap work is our ancestral back work. There is no shortage of talent in Pakistan, if there is a shortage then only hard work, cheapness in any field, be it in religion or in the world always causes harm.

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