Businesses That Start With Investing, Raising Birds At Home

Indeed, Allah Almighty has not created anything in vain on earth which does not benefit man directly or indirectly. Most of these things have been created by Allah Almighty for the direct benefit of human beings and some of them have been created by Allah Almighty for their own convenience.

The thing created by Allah Almighty is called power. One of them is beautiful birds.

I believe that taking precautions for your health in today’s age of depression, keeping birds in your own home can be an economic benefit as well as a medical benefit. Because of the time that a person spends with them, they forget at least other worries and anxieties at that moment, which can be very beneficial in blood pressure and depression.

Raising them at home gives a sense of color to the beauty of the home.

It has become a feeling of the beauty of the environment and happiness in nature.

Can raise them also increase income?

Of course, in Pakistan, especially in Hyderabad and Karachi, this work has gained the status of the domestic industry, and thanks to the C-Pack agreement with China, where there are some businesses in Pakistan, it has been eliminated or limited due to the juice pack. It is feared to go, but thanks to C-Pack, bird farming, and hatchery businesses have the potential to grow exponentially.

You can spread this work in a small space as a part-time or by arranging suitable sunshine, cold, etc. on the roofs of the houses. At work, we work 8 to 10 hours a day, including labor and bus jogs. If we can earn more than our salary by working 2 to 3 hours a day at home, and there is an opportunity to increase this income, then it would be a wise decision to do such a business. Some friends say that I am not fond of raising birds.

Is this work permissible? How much can you start with?

Talking about raising birds, some friends say that I am not interested in raising birds. So who likes to be pushed in buses and go round offices for jobs (slavery) and employment? But forced to earn”. Bird farming can also be done to run a home-based business, and many friends are doing just that.

And that’s the reality of the business that makes money, so the hobby is born automatically. If you do this with the rest of your tastes and hobbies, you will soon be able to advise others to start this business as well.

Could It Be A Lucrative Business?

Some friends believe that capturing or trading birds is illegal in Islam. So in this regard, there is a detailed post on my same Facebook page regarding hadiths. By reading it, you will be satisfied in this regard as well.

Now the question arises, how much money is needed to start this business?

So, sir, you can start this work in five to ten thousand, and even in millions.

Now that there is no harm?

Look, I have heard many times that someone gave millions of rupees to someone for a job and it became a fraud. Someone made a business worth crores of rupees, soon failed and someone paid to go abroad became a fraud. Even if many people lose their lives in the cycle of going out, the question arises why this business is not?

You can also earn a lot from this business.

Friends, we were talking about what kind of bird to keep this job as a business and to keep it in the beginning. My friends who already have birds. They have experience now, but for those who are new to this job, my advice to them is that if you want to do this job as a business, you should first plant 5 or 10 pairs of gravel / Australian parrots. When you take one or two bread from them, then you add 40 to 50 pairs and then increase the variety.

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