Businesses That Are Based On Fraud, Forgery, And Lies Have A Very Short Life.

Dynamic & Steadfast:

To be successful in business, a businessman must have a strong work ethic and a consistent temperament. He should also do what he intends. Empty plans that go unfulfilled hurt business.

Persistence in business is a prerequisite, once a decision is made, it must be followed.

Repeatedly changing decisions is detrimental to the business, and damages the business reputation. Of course, decisions have to be flexible and adapt to the demands of the times, but unnecessarily changing decisions is a bargain.

The virtue of practicality and perseverance can be created by courage and reasoning, decisions, and dedication. With this virtue, he overcomes the obstacles that come his way.

Fiduciary duty:

(Fair Dealer \ Business Ethics).

Business is based on honesty. Business ethics requires that consumers be provided with the right products at the right price and that profiteering be avoided. Storage and blending should be avoided. Material damage must be reported in advance. Measurements should be fine. Business payments and dues must be paid on time. Employees must be treated fairly. If the product promises a guarantee, warranty, or replacement, it must be fulfilled. While there are other factors that contribute to the success of Western multinationals such as IBM, Microsoft, Toyota, Honda, Sony, and National, there is certainly an element of honesty.

Do Something New Business Opportunities:

  • If you have Rs 10,000, then go and sell peanuts, gram, kiln, and fruit.
  • If you own 20,000, then soup. Dried fruit Chips Open a vegetable and laundry shop.
  • If you have 30 thousand, then juice, burgers, tea point, and yogurt work is waiting for you.
  • 40,000, so buy second-hand household items and sell them after repairs.
  • If I own 50 thousand, then take a used motorcycle and after a few days repair and service, etc. and sell it.
  • If it is Rs. 1 lac, after buying old furniture, polish it and auction it.
  • If it is Rs 2 lac, then pan cigarette, tuck shop, grocery shop, mobile accessories shop, book store, the stationery shop will be better.
  • If you have Rs. 3 lac, you can start a computer shop, garments, tailoring suit business.
  • If you have Rs 5 lac, become a regional dealer of any medium company and earn halal food.
  • Dairy and Poultry Farming, Livestock, and Poultry Feed Distribution. Agricultural drugs open. Start work on Wanda and sewing unit etc.
  • If you have 1.5 million, buy and sell small plots in remote areas together with an investor.
  • If 2 million are available, the school, academy, or pick-and-drop service van can run the business.
  • With a capital of up to Rs 30 lac, a good store of branded ready-made garments, school uniforms or stitched cloth can be opened.
  • If there are 40 lac, trade-in commodities in the market.
  • A good grocery store can be built for Rs 50 lac.
  • If you own 70 lac, buy a plot and build a house on it.
  • If it is 10 million, build a factory. If it is 20 million, then a showroom of vehicles.
  • Flour mill if it is 50 million. Oil mill Feed mill gasoline pump.
  • 100 million cotton factory
  • And if you have 1 billion rupees, make a bank and receive capital from all the above business people, and earn by sitting down (no guarantee of halal).
  • If you have more money than that, then do politics, and rule over them by becoming the ruler of them all, and if by chance you have nothing, then become an intellectual on Facebook and just collect likes and comments.

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