The Education System Is Just a Business

The word education is derived from the Latin word Educare or Educatum. Educare means to train, nurture, raise, and stand. A child is like a small plant in the garden, for the best growth of which the teacher lovingly nurtures it, because education awakens consciousness in man and education is not obtained only by sitting in seminaries. On the contrary, the personality of children emerges, and education is a basic right of every Asians.

Education is Very Important to Grow and Help the Country

Teachers whose purpose was to guide their students were to give them a good education. Our country is an Islamic country. That is why it is so important that ten to fifteen schools will be seen in every area, where education is given, but in the name of education, each school has its own world, where the curriculum of their choice Not only this, with the help of “A” and “O” levels for the children in the high schools, English medium schools for the middle class and Urdu medium schools for the poor children. That’s why every school dropout is different from the other. Every aspect of his personality is very different.

Does Business Have any Business in Education?

Put the children studying in schools in other areas in one place, then they will clearly learn the difference between heaven and earth. We know that “acquire knowledge even if you have to go to China.” Why go to China, if the education system of your country is better, then it is not your turn to go to other countries like London, China, USA to get an education. But in our country, secret schools are opened in the name of education, but only considering it as the best way to earn money, the national language of our country is Urdu but English has the upper hand.

Our Current Education System Is Very Outdated And Poor.

For a long time our education system here has been divided into several systems, which are private educational institutions, local private educational institutions, and public educational institutions. In all these institutions different types of courses are taught. In addition, all these institutions have different types of teachers. If we talk about local private educational institutions, which are visible in every street nowadays. The curriculum taught here is very different, and the teachers are matric pass, inter pass, and simple graduate. While those private educational institutions that are extremely expensive, the curriculum there is separate and the teachers who teach Ph.D. MPhil. Masters and teachers in government educational institutions are highly qualified. But the curriculum is very different from private educational institutions.

But why??? And what is the reason that we are so far behind despite having so many education systems?

If all these things are considered and paid attention to, then it becomes clear that the real and main reason for this is the fragmented education system. If Asian had a uniform education system and all local educational institutions, private institutions and government institutions had the same curriculum, today in this race of education Asian would leave many countries behind, because Asian does not have a uniform education system. Our young generation is shattered. There is a need to collect these pearls and, in violation of this system, to take into account the damage.


Young people who go out for a job are also judged on the basis of their educational quality. Because they have more English speaking skills and knowledge than education from local and government institutions. Because their degrees are O level & A level.

After all, why such a separate curriculum and difference???

If the government establishes a uniform education system throughout the country, students studying in every local, government, and standard institution will not be seen stumbling into exile. There will be no sense of inferiority, and no difference at the international level.

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