Education Is a Lucrative Business

Nowadays there is a lot of noise about universal education and it is being said that we will take education to every home, and everywhere and to some extent, the government has succeeded in this and for this, the government has made some good decisions, they are also carried. They should be appreciated, but will these works make education universal? Or will the decline come, are private companies paying their dues?

Or are shortcomings and mistakes being made?

Nowadays everyone is trying to somehow build two, four schools/colleges and join a university and board and complete this work, then his future generations will sit and eat. Will be able to, and his life will also be spent in luxury, will start running by affiliating college and school. So the money will be the mail of his hand or you can describe it as such. Our boards and universities are also in the business of making money. They do not check the result and quality of any college/school. Once affiliate, the company is licensed to do as it pleases. After that, neither the quality of education is monitored, nor are the fees monitored.

Many other departments have a long hand in bribery in our education system. Because the school/college result did not come right. One has to try to create the name of one’s school/college by making someone happy, and at the same time, the aim is to increase the number of schools/colleges, as well as to arrange school/college transport. (This should include the car of the college/school principal). So that the principal can easily come to a place and push it in buses, wagons. So don’t eat and at the same time, many other “diseases” are found in our education system, which I consider it my duty and my pen’s duty to describe.

Government School:

The philosophy of free education and not killing love is being repeated in our public schools, but has it made any difference in the quality of education? These announcements have increased the number of children, but our quality of education is not something to be proud of already. Because our beloved Chief Minister of Punjab has tied the hands of teachers. But as an alternative, teachers have not been equipped with other modern techniques in schools. AV did not provide AIDS, and did not take any revolutionary step in training teachers, that they will not inflict any kind of harshness and beating on children? Otherwise, there will be departmental action against them, and if a student has a complaint against a teacher, he can apply against it.

Why there aren’t enough teachers in the old schools and why a teacher’s seat is vacant for so many years, and if you look at it this way, what’s the use of building new schools in old schools, three on one teacher? Four books have been loaded without knowing whether he is perfect in this work or not. How can he show his accurate performance in all subjects? He will stay in the same class all day, so what will happen to other classes, the teacher is treated worse than the worker.

Expensive School:

As I have described above about public schools. So from this, you can also learn about government schools, so who are the students studying. Forced to go to a private college/school. This is where the business of education begins because private educational institutions are set up to run a business.

There are also many private schools where hard-to-matriculate students become teachers. For this (to prove this to be true) there is no need to go to any particular place or mention any particular school. There are a lot of companies around you and me that are working hard, and they are working day and night to make money.

In every city and town, they have set up camp. Everyone is trying to create their own name, and do not let go of the opportunity to trap people in every way. After all, that’s their job.

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