Business In The Name Of Education in Private Schools

At the beginning of the new academic year, private educational institutions launch their own publicity campaigns. This trend usually peaks in the months of February and March. Owners of educational institutions spend a lot of money on this advertising campaign, and they think it’s a kind of investment. The start of the New Year is quite lucrative for the owners of the startups, as those who enter the institutions and grow in the next parties. Different types of fees are charged from them. Admission fee, promotion fee, examination fee, tuition fee, haircut fee, library fee, laboratory fee, computer fee, and sports fee, etc. This is followed by another series of shops, in which books and copies are sold.

How to Attract the Attention of the People in Educational Institute:

In almost all educational institutions, it is stipulated that students must purchase books and copies from within the institution in any case, which has the advantage that various publishing companies pay about forty or fifty percent commission to these educational institutions. In this way, every educational institution earns millions of rupees in the book and copy companies. That is why the owner of any private school or college is involved in running the school as well as many other types of business such as buying and selling cars and property. In order to develop your education business and attract the attention of the people, the educational and educational campaigns of private educational institutions through newspapers, radio, television, internet, wall chalking, and handwritten letters in praise of their institution, management, and staff.

The Most Important Issue Is the Curriculum:

Looking at the claims of some institutions, people get the impression that it is the only institution in the whole country where the best moral training is available along with religious and secular sciences. Some institutions introduce new packages like mobile phone companies to get people’s attention, as the first ten students will not be charged an admission fee. There will be a 5% discount if you buy copies of books from the company. Students who take the first position in each class will be given tuition fee waivers and so on. At the beginning of each year, private educational institutions voluntarily increase fees without any justification or prior notice. From the small schools, which are set up in the modest buildings of alleys and coaches, the monthly fees of primary school students are in the thousands of rupees. While in large schools and colleges, the rate of tuition is often in the millions.

Each Educational Institution Has Chosen Its Own Syllabus:

The first priority of the owners of educational institutions in choosing the curriculum is their commission in the prices of books and copies. Therefore, in this regard, it is very important to form a government-sponsored committee of curriculum experts, which will oversee the United States, which must teach the same curriculum in all private educational institutions, however, the curriculum will be the same, whether it is a public educational institution or a private educational institution. In addition, it is important to take into account the educational qualifications of teachers in private educational institutions.

Reason of Low Educated People:

In most schools, low-educated people are paid Rs 3,000 or Rs 4,000 a month to teach their children, which is a joke with education. Thus some teachers are not given any training in teaching, and they do not have any kind of professional certification, etc. In these educational institutions, no attention is paid to which teacher specializes in teaching the subject, what is the capacity of the other, the school principal or any other administrative officer sets the timetable as per his/ her own, and the teachers are assigned teaching responsibilities in different classes. Thus, in most of the educational institutions, the syllabus does not even have a name and mark and the teacher teaches the lesson according to his own will, nor does he have any special method of teaching or proper review process.

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