These Habits Can Ruin Your Business.

In your business, you can choose the people you want to work with. While at work you do not get this option. It is said that the greater the risk, the greater the expectation of benefit. You have the option of taking risks in your business, which can sometimes lead to great success. Your business offers you new opportunities and new challenges, and if you are a person who accepts challenges, then your business is the best for you.

Your business gives you the opportunity to work hard to customize, and you get to work tirelessly. Because you have to do it for yourself, not for someone else. You can set the speed of work according to custom and convenience. You don’t have to wait for anyone’s orders.

Opportunities That Business Offers

Your business offers you opportunities to build broader social relationships, while a tough job routine limits your relationships, by becoming a businessman you can better serve society. Can help people in many ways, and create jobs for them.

For Example,

I had only two lakh rupees. When I did the survey, I found out that out of these two lakhs, I can only open a small burger point and there is no guarantee that this shop will run or not. I had never done anything like this before. I didn’t even know the market survey. I reunited with a few friends. Make teams of three friends. Each team said we start our business from 50 thousand. He added his share of one and a half million, namely 50, 50 thousand, and opened four burger points in four different parts of the city. We decided that for the first 6 months we would not withdraw money from this business. As a result, over the next six months, burgers began to appear. At one point the pizza also turned out.

We Didn’t Earn Much in the Beginning

The profit of a shop was to be divided into four parts, but it gave me a strange encouragement. I began to feel that I had become a businessman with four business centers and a business spread across the city. A few hundred rupees started coming from each food point on a daily basis. Apparently, it was nothing, but if you calculate, you would be surprised. For example, if in the beginning, I was getting Rs. 500 per day from each shop, then it meant that I was getting an average of Rs. 2,000 from four shops, i.e. Rs. Sitting in a chair did not have to work long hours. I could visit friends at any time, and the fun was, the business grew. After 6 months, if I started getting only two thousand from each shop, then estimate how many are made in a month.

What is the Real Purpose of Education?

Also, when I make further investments, I’m not afraid of what will happen if the capital sinks. Because I knew that the four small shops that had been set up would soon make up for the loss. This is the real purpose of education. Education gives you new thoughts and ideas. When I became silent, the students in the hall were also silent. I glanced at them and said, “Don’t worry, I haven’t done anything like that yet, but the question is, can you do it or not?” I just wanted to say that education doesn’t stop you from small business or work, but if you can’t expand a small shop or business, then the question arises on educational qualification.

Isn’t it better that you start setting up small sets?

It is noteworthy that regular jobs have disappeared from the world and are turning into daily wage jobs. This means you can earn as much as you work. It will provide employment to others and lead a carefree life? It is not necessary that you work in this shop yourself. Because you are educated, your job is to think of new ideas and presentations to oversee and engage people in this business. The rest is up to the workers, who have not yet begun to think like you.

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